Board Members and Committees

The Dairy Foundation is steered by a board of directors that includes dairy producers and industry leaders.
These individuals are unpaid volunteers.

Front: Katie Adams, Phil Hemesath, Tim Huhe, Todd Hendrickson, Ron Lenth, Scott Wedemeier
Back: Roger Lenius, Gary Kregel, Mike Scott, Chris Gibbs, Matt Henkes, Bob Kugel, Rob Hahn, Dennis Cline
(not pictured: John Lawrence, Matt Stewart, Dr. Liang Chee Wee, Sue Ann Claudon, Mitch Schulte, Megan Kregel)

Board of Directors

Tim Huhe President Dairy Producer Cresco, IA
Scott Wedemeier Vice President Dairy Producer Maynard, IA
Ron Lenth Treasurer ISU Extension & Outreach Oelwein, IA
Megan Kregel Secretary Dairy Center Coordinator Ossian, IA
Katie Adams   Dairy Producer Waucoma, IA
Nick Bohr   Dairy Producer Ridgeway, IA
Sue Ann Claudon   Midwest Dairy Association
Ankeny, IA
Dennis Cline   Accelerated Genetics Decorah, IA
Chris Gibbs   Dairy Producer Waterville, IA
Kathy Gunderson   NICC Board of Trustees Postville, IA
Rob Hahn   Elanco Animal Health Preston, MN
Todd Hendrickson   Dairy Producer Preston, MN
Matt Henkes   Dairy Producer Luana, IA
Gary Kregel   Dairy Producer Guttenberg, IA
Bob Kugel   Retired Dairy Producer Manchester, IA
John Lawrence   ISU Extension & Outreach Ames, IA
Dave Lawstuen   Chair of Dairy Operations Calmar, IA
Roger Lenius   Swiss Valley Farms Waverly, IA
Dr. Ken Reimer   NICC Board of Trustees Elkader, IA
Mark Schmitt   Dairy Producer Fort Atkinson, IA
Mitch Schulte   Midwest Dairy Association Van Horne, IA
Mike Scott   Dairy Producer Westgate, IA
Matt Stewart   Dairy Producer Oelwein, IA
Dr. Liang Chee Wee   NICC President Calmar, IA

Additional Board Appointments

Jennifer Bentley   ISU Extension & Outreach Decorah, IA
Dave Dahms   NICC
Calmar, IA
Dave Lawstuen *Chair NICC
Lanesboro, MN
Clint Renken   Nelson Dairy Consultants
Zumbrota, MN
Larry Tranel   ISU Extension & Outreach Dubuque, IA