NICC Dairy Program

Dairy production is a major force in agriculture's efforts to feed an ever-increasing world population with growing food demands. NICC provides leadership in dairy science education on a local, regional, national, and global basis at the world-class facility in Calmar known as the Dairy Center.

Students can enter immediately into the dairy industry workforce, transfer as juniors to four year institutions, or work in the animal health care industry. The learning environment for the dairy science program is unparalleled. Students complete management training combining classroom discussion,practical hands-on dairy lab work, experience on the job with an internship, and classroom instruction in nutrition, health/disease, reproduction, milk harvest, genetics, calf care, replacement management, housing, and farm accounting. Lab instruction includes 120 hours in the primary production facility or grazing center.

The successful student will master artificial insemination, intra-venous treatments, vaccination, pH monitoring, CMT paddling, milk culturing, dehorning, moisture testing, feed bunk management, stall management, and much more! Students earn nine semester credits while interning on a dairy farm or related agribusiness during the summer term.

The Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree in Dairy Science Technology is awarded to students who complete two years of study in dairy production and management. Successful students will have the opportunity to transfer to four-year institutions with junior status; return to their home family dairy business; accept a management position on a dairy operation; work in a dairy related agri-business; work in a health related field; or even start their own dairy operation. The first year of coursework focuses on "Cow Management", while the second year builds "People, Business, and Advanced Management" skills. NICC graduates are prepared to manage cows and people.

For more information, contact NICC Dairy Science instructor Dave Lawstuen at (563) 534-9957, extension 112 or visit the